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AI for Homeschool Families

TrekAI is a trusted, AI-based tutor built by Ethos, a faith-based online school, that empowers homeschool parents and improves student outcomes.

TrekAI, a Personalized AI Tutor

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Students who already use Generative AI like ChatGPT


TrekAI's improvement in accuracy, compared to ChatGPT


TrekAI students who reported an increase in their final grades 

What is TrekAI?

80% of students already use Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, a specific type of artificial intelligence (AI) that can recognize, contextualize, and generate text responses to questions, creating life-like chat conversations.

While parents and educators often fear AI as a method to cut corners or cheat, many are using it as a tool to better their education—as some have suggested, it’s like a calculator for the humanities.

TrekAI is a Generative AI tool built by Ethos School as an option for Christian educators. It is currently used by dozens of Christian private schools and thousands of students as a tool to help students study.

Higher Accuracy

Built with an intentional knowledge base that can be further customized by you, TrekAI's hallucination rate is ~2%, compared to ChatGPT's 15-20%.

Built By Teachers

This tutor was trained by some of the most brilliant teachers in all subject matters! Their lessons and teaching content were the foundation that we built on to create this cutting-edge technology.

AI You Can Trust

Created by Ethos School, an online Christian school who makes their students’ online safety a top priority, TrekAI prioritizes age-appropriate, safe content and tutoring.

"Trek AI is an excellent resource for my students when they need help with their writing. I am able to upload my rubric into Trek AI, and they are able to receive feedback that helps them improve their essays. It gives them ideas of how to improve before they seek additional help from me." 

Jennifer Thomas

Mom & Teacher

How should we approach AI in education?

How is your family approaching AI as you homeschool your middle and high school age kids? Do you feel empowered as a parent on how to maximize these new AI resources? Are you overwhelmed at the thought of how they could be misused?


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Christian schools across the globe are using TrekAI with their student body to improve student outcomes and relieve teacher burdens.